1st RNA-based test for targeted treatment eligibility. expressPIK makes the right choice of treatment a reality.


Our Product

First RNA-based CDx to guide targeted therapy selection, leveraging the speed and simplicity of PCR. Medical report generated bu cloud-based proprietary software. 

Easy and fast

PCR based RNA test easy to implement and with a fast report


Affordable price for hospitals and clinical labs.


Proprietary (EU, USA, CA, BR, JP)

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Breast Cancer deaths in 2022

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False positive indication

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for every patient unnecessarily treated

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Patients are being misguided for Treatment.

expressTEC, the 1st RNA-based test, will contribute to advancements in precision medicine positively impacting the lives of breast cancer patients worldwide.

How We Work

Accurate, Easy and Fast to implement.

Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals with fast and reliable tools that identify the most suitable patients for treatment, ensuring optimal therapeutic efficacy while minimising side effects.

Our Product

Winner of the 'Altice International Innovation Award 2023'

This technology allows "signing the personalisation of a therapy". The recognition, in turn, represents an "opportunity to learn to develop the business side and the transfer of technology, something that scientists are little used to".


RNA in-vitro companion diagnostic test for PIQRAY® treatment eligibility
  • Testing tumour RNA
  • Targetable mutations
  • Reliable tool
  • Minimising side effects
  • Increase response to treatment

Available Soon.

  • Available Soon

We have 30+ years of experience in Cancer Research.

Both co-founders are experienced researchers in human and cancer genetics, particularly in
breast cancer genomics. Both have a successful past in securing research funding and leading


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Our team boasts a remarkable blend of diverse talents, seamlessly integrating scientific expertise with business acumen. We foster a dynamic, multidimensional approach that fuels innovation and drives transformative results.


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The project has garnered recognition and validation from experts. These endorsements highlight the project's quality and positive impact on the professional community, solidifying its credibility and success.

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We want to contribute to impacting the lives of breast cancer patients worldwide.


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