BfK INNOV@Rise Alentejo presents the finalist projects of the program developed by the National Innovation Agency (ANI). Solutions for aviation, cancer treatment, aging and intelligent water analysis are highlighted at the ANI Demo Day.

The initiative will take place next Thursday, February 16, at PACT – Parque do Alentejo de Ciência e Tecnologia, in Évora and is intended to present the four scientific projects supported by the Southern edition of the ANI acceleration program. BfK INNOV@Rise takes place in three editions: North; Center; and Alentejo. In total, 15 startups will be supported with solutions that were born from academic projects.

In the Alentejo edition, solutions from startups related to the first RNA PCR test to identify breast cancer will be presented; also a blockchain solution to make the aviation ecosystem more efficient; also a system for determination of iron in water samples; and a tool to assess the risk profile of falling in elderly people, these are the four scientific projects that will be presented in their business version to potential investors.

ExpressPIK (Universidade do Algarve) is a treatment that aims to revolutionize breast cancer therapy, by making it possible to treat only the cells affected by cancer and preserving the rest. expressPIK is a complementary diagnostic test based on RNA mutation expression that is reliable, fast (results within two hours) and inexpensive.

With a business potential calculated by the team of researchers of 70 million euros per year, and which may be scalable to other cancers with similar mutations, the solution could have a prototype in a year and a half.

Earhart Solution (Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências – ISEC Lisbon): The solution comes with a common basis in Blockchain to unite all airlines, through the creation of protocols so that all information is immutable, reliable and instantaneous.

Embraer and Streamline are early adopters of the technology that Luís Santos, one of the promoters, will leverage the world’s first Blockchain transfer between aircraft. The project should be completed in 2024, with the first two modules expected to be ready in September of this year.

KAIS (University of Évora) is an innovative solution that allows an accurate assessment of the elderly person’s risk profile of falls, which provides data processing and analytical reporting in real time. The solution is easy to transport and handle and has wide applicability in clinical, hospital and home contexts.

Smart Water Analysis Technology (SWAT) (University of Évora): SWAT has developed a low-cost smart device for water analysis. This compact and self-contained system is based on spectroscopy for the determination of iron in water samples in the field.